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Description: Madison and Jordan construct a plan to run an escorting business when they are laid off from their jobs. They live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and looking for a way to get out of their bad financial situations. Their clients aren’t just every day people, their clients are powerful people or well known people throughout the media. The young women receive most of their powerful clientele from two men…Brian and Yo who are great successful plastic surgeons with a million dollar firm. Brian and Yo becomes devastated when they find out the women are videotaping everything that goes on between the clients and the escorts. Diamond Dreams become a well known underground escorting service amongst the richest and famous men. Madison becomes very cold hearted due to the lack of respect she receives from her partner, whom she has been in a long-term relationship with. Madison decides that nothing can interfere with her profit of the business. Everything has to go Madison way as planned, and not even her best friend Jordan can get in her way. Anyone or anything that interferes with her happiness of Diamond Dreams will be dealt with immediately.


Author bio: LaVon Hayes currently resides in Hampton, Virginia. In 2002 she fell in love with writing and decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author. While living in San Diego, California she decided to pen her first novel titled “Mizz Drama” where she began a journey of self publishing and promotion for her novel to reach a mass audience, with some success she was featured in in which “Mizz Drama” received positive feedback. Her newest book released is called Diamond Dreams, which has received positive feedback from her readers. She hopes to reach a larger audience. “Writing is my first love it makes me feel at peace” she has stated. This author loves to write Fiction novels and Erotica. For interviews or book reviews

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